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At Sunshine, we’ve gained considerable expertise when it comes to uniform hire and laundering services. Our goal from the very beginning has been to create a service that is completely in tune with customers’ needs. It’s honest, flexible and reliable, designed to fully support the specific requirements of a wide range of businesses.

We provide high quality garments and offer a carefully managed service adding considerable benefits to wearers and managers alike. Our hassle-free agreements, fair pricing and dependable service mean your accountants get the right price and your front line staff cut a sharp image for your business

If you are already in a contract with a supplier you are unhappy with, give us a call. We’ve become experts at unravelling companies from the complexities of contracts that don’t deliver the quality they expect, without getting caught out by expensive penalty charges.

But high quality and impeccable service would mean nothing without environmental responsibility. Our commitment to working sustainably is ongoing. We lead the way when it comes to processes and products that work in harmony with the environment and have big plans to build on our current achievements. Talk to us about our environmentally conscious work and add to your business’s green credentials by adding Sunshine to your supplier list.

The range of uniforms offered caters to all industries and business needs.

Chef Trousers & Aprons

Caps, Uniforms & Neckties

Porters Wear


Boiler Suits

Polo Shirts

Bar Wipes

Cloths (Glass, Kitchen, Oven, Waiters)

We can also supply any bespoke items and will work with you to achieve the right look for your business.

All garments on hire from Sunshine are durable, comfortable and stylish. They offer outstanding value and highlight our commitment to high quality standard and the fairest price.

This service is one that’s been close to our heart from the start and is not something many other companies will offer due to the intensive logistical planning that is required. We will not only supply your uniforms but will ensure stock levels are consistent and you are in full control of your laundry schedule. We allocate a significant amount of our turnover to purchasing new stock so that you can benefit from fair pricing for the best quality. Planning for employee growth can now be easily done without cost headaches.

Speak to us today and find out how we can help fill your uniform hire requirements!

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