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At Sunshine we have over 20 years’ experience in Specialist Dry Cleaning. Our passion for constantly improving our services means we’ve successfully combined traditional hand crafted and time proven methods with new and innovative techniques in order to achieve the best possible results.

In 1999 we bought out a competitor with specialist dry cleaning operations (Silver Star Laundry and Dry Cleaning) and our offering was strengthened. It was at this point that the company name was actually changed to Sunshine Linen Services to reflecting our expanded capabilities.

As part of our specialist cleaning offering, we inspect each item individually and select the best cleaning process for each garment. Sunshine specialist dry cleaning services also include full protection for any delicate embellishments, buttons or elaborate beading and embroidery to prevent damage during the cleaning process.

Our environmentally friendly methods are ideal for delicate garments and will clean items gently and efficiently. The process is odour free, colour safe, shrinkage free and the mildest and safest solvents are used for fabric use.


All garments are then hand checked by our experienced team to ensure the finish is of the highest standard. Each item is beautifully wrapped and packaged ready for collection or delivery back to you.

From designer suits and frocks to wedding dresses, our range of care techniques are suited to the most discerning clients. We take great pride in the range of services offered and the professional standards we maintain. All our customers rate our finished work highly and return time after time.

Small details make the difference and being able to trust your dry cleaner with specialist garments and materials is extremely important. By working with us you don’t just get the impeccable end result, but a loyal and committed service for your business.

Our levels of service remain consistent throughout our partnership so your business can benefit from the best reviews and highest rated customer feedback.

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