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When it comes to restaurants, right after the cuisine, diners list ambience as the most important factor contributing to their overall dining experience. With TripAdvisor becoming the number one comparison tool driving bookings, the impression you leave on your guests is more important than ever before.

At Sunshine, we help restaurants and prestigious event venues reach their full potential when it comes to quality linen. In fact, quality table linen is our specialty. Using quality linen helps provide that overall five star experience and get closer to that number one ranking amongst restaurants in your area. Investing in high-quality and fresh linen is no longer a “nice to have”. The discerning customer will take notice and they will penalise any restaurant that fails to make them feel valued.


Fine tablecloths and a distinct ambience can turn a small establishment into a complete viral dining experience just waiting to be shared. Having a polished appearance will not only drive reviews but also encourage shares. Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer at TripAdvisor recently noted: “The majority of our users are coming to TripAdvisor not just to read the reviews but also to compare options, make an informed decision and book. With travelers now finding the end-to-end solution they need on the site, peer-generated reviews are as important as ever.”

And when it comes to prestigious venues, our fine dining linen and quality tablecloths create a rich, harmonious look and feel your distinguished guests and customers are sure to notice. Depending on the style or type of function, we will advise on beautifully starched Damask, flowing Caress or traditional starched Cotton of all sizes: round, square or oblong and napkins too. All our products are custom-packed and labeled so that your staff are able to set tables quickly and precisely.

In this highly competitive industry, it’s more important than ever before to secure positive reviews from your clients. Trust us with your linen and let us get you to that number one spot for your area.

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