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Our vast experience in hospitality means we understand the individual requirements and distinct priorities of the hotel market. For the past 20 years, we have been working with prestigious hospitality venues across Australia and take great pride in providing a five star service time and time again.

At Sunshine, we like keeping it simple and cost effective. We know you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our service starts with providing high quality sheets and towels that are beautifully presented.

We understand how vital it is to correctly and generously stock hotels with the right quantity and mix of linen to ensure the seamless operation of your housekeeping department.

Quality is maintained throughout the term of your contract through ongoing renewal and replacement programs of linen that is no longer fit for use. Our invoicing is transparent with no hidden costs. Day to day operations are supported by dependable and flexible delivery schedules with immediate response to unexpected requirements.

If your hotel has a restaurant or functions department, Sunshine has everything you need from table linen to kitchen requirements.


Recent studies run by TripAdvisor show that customers always check reviews before they book a hotel room. In fact, the majority of TripAdvisor users (79%) will read at least 6-12 reviews before choosing a hotel. Furthermore, 76% of TripAdvisor users say that traveler-submitted photos influenced their booking decision. Think about all those photos of beds, towels and robes as a great opportunity to advertise your impeccable linen.

Sunshine Linen will enhance your guest experience.

Two main features reviewed in hotels are

Levels of comfort and cleanliness are rated by savvy travellers and you need to make sure yours make an impression. At Sunshine Linen, our goal is to get you superlative reviews so all our bed linen and towels go through strict control checks to ensure the highest levels of quality.

This recent research illustrates the significance of high standards to guests, with customers checking the cleanliness and quality of linen during a stay, regardless of the tier of hotel. Clients nowadays don’t just want clean linen, they expect the gold standard and impeccable cleanliness and quality that makes customers feel valued.

Compromising on the standard of towels and bed linen can lead to a reduction in business performance, as dirty or poor quality items mean guests may choose to stay elsewhere and not return in the future. An impressive 95% of travellers tend to tell other people about their negative experiences so a knock-on effect could be disastrous.

Remember, in the rapidly changing hospitality industry, it’s more important than ever before to secure positive reviews from today’s travellers. Trust us with your linen and let us help you get them every time.

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