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Sunshine Group Privacy and User Policy

This Policy sets out how the Sunshine Group of Companies, which includes but is not limited to the following companies, Sunshine Linen Services Pty Ltd, Sunshine Silverwater Pty Ltd, Sunshine Staff Pty Ltd, Sunshine Plant & Machinery Pty Ltd, aims to protect its Customers’ privacy, the privacy of users of the Sunshine Ap and rules associated with the use of the Sunshine Ap, in the best interests of your service.

In handling Customer information, including your personal information, the Sunshine Group will comply with the Australian privacy Act 1988 and all other relevant privacy laws and Supplier Agreements impacting on the privacy of Customer and personal information. Unless otherwise stated, this Policy applies to both current and former Customers as well as current and former users of the Ap.

Sunshine will not share any information pertaining to a Customer with any third party. All information will remain confidential to the Customer, Sunshine Group Officers, Shareholders and Staff, authorised Sunshine Group Sub-Contractors and authorised Customer-Nominated Sub-Contractors, as the case may be. The Sunshine Group may in its absolute discretion decline to provide information gathered by The Sunshine Group to parties nominated by the Customer if it deems the information to be confidential and disclosure may prejudice the interests of the Sunshine Group or any other party.

This Policy may be updated from time to time. We recommend that users of the Ap review this Policy periodically to ensure that users are aware of updates.

When using the Sunshine Linen Ap please note the following:

  • The IP of the Ap remains at all times the property of the Sunshine Group.
  • All information submitted via the Ap, including ordering information, is the property of the Sunshine Group.
  • It is the Customer’s responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their passwords and the information accessed by passwords. The Sunshine Group accepts no liability for any loss of confidentiality arising from information gathered using a Customer password or any other misuse of the Ap.
  • Sunshine will keep all information submitted via the Ap and use it for Sunshine Group management purposes.
  • By submitting an order via the Ap, the person submitting the order is deemed by the Sunshine Group to be authorized to place binding orders on behalf of the Customer. The order itself assumes the status of an official Customer Purchase Order once it has been submitted to the Sunshine Group.
  • The Sunshine Group does not guarantee to fulfill the quantities submitted via the Ap, and reserves the right to vary and/or reject those quantities, as well as the order itself. The order submitted by the customer is neither a delivery docket nor an invoice. It is a purchase order only.
  • The Sunshine ordering Ap may not be used to order anything other than products supplied to the Customer by Sunshine.
  • Products are included on the customer’s template according to the Customer’s usual product range. This list does not represent the Sunshine Group’s full range of products. If the Customer wishes to add a product to the template, the Customer is requested to contact customer service.
  • If the Customer is unable to submit their order via the Ap, or if the Customer has missed a cut-off time for ordering, the customer must contact Sunshine Customer Service as a matter of urgent priority. This may be done by phone (0296981411 or the mobile number of your service representative). Non urgent matters or out of hours matters can also be communicated by email ( or your service representative’s email address).
  • Sunshine will only set up a user with the authority of the Customer. Sunshine may in its absolute discretion refuse to set up a user. It is the Customer’s responsibility to cancel a user’s authority by way of written notice.
  • Only current Sunshine Customers may use the Ap.
  • The Ap is intended to assist Customers with timely communication of supply requirements and does not replace the Customer’s responsibility to manage and predicted stock requirements.
  • The Ap does not include any information pertaining to the Customer’s account, pricing or contracts.
  • No information displayed on the Ap or associated with the Ap can be shared on or copied to any social media platform.
  • The Sunshine Group may, from time to time, purge the Ap of inactive users.
  • The Sunshine Group may, in its absolute discretion, cancel a user’s access if the Sunshine Group develops the suspicion that the Customer’s privacy is being compromised or if the Ap is being misused in any way.

If you experience any issue using the Ap or have any concerns, please feel free to contact our office on (02) 96981411 or your customer service representatives.