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Highly Specialised Decontamination Services

When choosing a decontamination provider, you want to know two key things. Will the garments be effectively neutralised of all hazardous elements? Will I have the assurance that the garments won’t pose a danger to the wearer or others that come in contact with them?

As a decontamination specialist, Sunshine Linen is the barrier to contamination. Decontamination is a core competence of our operation, and we have developed specialised decontamination methodologies to ensure the following:

Total neutralisation and removal of potentially dangerous substances

Return of garments so they are safe and fit for purpose

Responsive service that meets all types of demand

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Total neutralisation and removal of potentially dangerous substances

Our job is to neutralise and thoroughly remove contaminants that could pose a danger to people and their environment. Common contaminants are asbestos and biohazards.

Many structures today still contain asbestos and when disturbed pose a hazard. It could be a piece of particle board, insulation filling or something buried within the soil. When older structures get knocked down to make way for the new, the risk becomes real. Similarly the risk is present if a fire interferes with the integrity of  a structure. What was once benign now becomes unstable and of grave concern to the welfare of emergency services and those close at hand. Rather than destroying expensive PPC, Sunshine can clean and decontaminate it, free of particulate contamination, and return fit for purpose.

Biohazards are another common contaminant that can be resolved by Sunshine’s decontamination services. Biohazards encompass the full range of human and animal waste as well as other pathogens. Being able to achieve complete decontamination and still maintain the exacting standards that make these garments safe for reuse is a highly specialised process.

Sunshine meets and exceeds the requirements of AS4146 (the Australian Standard for Laundry Practice). We are independently audited for compliance. We are also adopting NFPA1851 to ensure that Sunshine meets world’s best practice with respect to decontamination for emergency services’ apparel.

Rapid response, scaleable service
The word emergency implies rapid response to variable demand from small volumes to satisfying bulk demand on a state-wide basis. At Sunshine Linen we pride ourselves on being able to provide every member of an emergency services crew with the return of their particular garment, and to do so rapidly.


Sunshine has been working with Fire & Rescue NSW, the Rural Fire Service, The Ambulance Service, Defence and Police Rescue and others for many years. We have developed specialist methodologies to suit their particular garments, cleaning needs and decontamination requirements. This includes SOPs for doffing garments, isolation, bagging, transport and unique cleaning, decontamination and drying methodologies. RFID track and trace technology, providing garment and wearer experience, is a key element of the extended services offered to our state-wide clients. When it comes to specialist decontamination and laundry to emergency services, Sunshine is the last word.