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At Sunshine, our values are as ambitious and straightforward as our service

High Quality

We have never and will never look for shortcuts to save money at the expense of quality. At Sunshine, we always use the highest quality materials and products to provide our customers with an impeccable service. It is our commitment to you throughout our partnership.

Caring Service

We believe in a personalised and flexible service so we’re always there when you need us. We will do everything we can to make sure your requirements are met to the finest so that you can focus on your business knowing your linen and laundry are in safe hands. At Sunshine, we are fully committed to helping our partners grow and be as successful as they can be.


As part of our agreement with you, we ensure our team of well trained and highly efficient staff are always at your service. In fact, since our team’s commitment to excellence enables our customers to put their trust in us, we have ongoing education and training programs in place so professionalism standards are maintained.


Integrity is the foundation of our relationship with our customers. We are honest with our customers, our strategic-partners, our suppliers, and each other. Holding ourselves to the highest standards of business ethics, honesty and fair dealings, we treat our valued customers and our irreplaceable partners and vendors with the utmost respect.


Sunshine Linen Services is fully certified and dedicated to best practice throughout our facilities. We maintain full documentation on equipment use and continual upkeep, maintenance schedules, cleaning supplies measurements and safe use as well as strict laundering procedures.


We are committed to offering a comprehensive portfolio of services to all our customers. By encouraging innovation and promoting a problem-solving culture, we work to proactively address the critical needs of our customers.

Care for the environment

We are currently undertaking an ambitious program that will introduce “World’s Best Practice” technologies in the field of water and energy efficiency. Our customers will continue to enjoy the highest level of quality services in an environmentally friendly way.


All companies seek to increase the loyalty of their customers but at Sunshine, we’re also loyal to our customers. What we’ll never do is prioritise new business over our existing contracts or let anything affect the high levels of service you know and trust.

Valuing Staff

Valuing Staff

We are committed to maintaining high employment standards for all our valued staff

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